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Why data-driven retailers choose Easyence?


Easyence is the Customer Data Platform dedicated to data-driven retailers. Its platform and apps deliver memorable customer experience. Easyence collects customer events (products, stores, etc.), offers scoring algorithms, and provides a complete set of applications for marketing teams.

My Day as…
Omnichannel Manager

I create unique and consistent customer experiences at scale and drive Customer Lifetime Value. I understand the revenue-driven actions.

My Day as…
E-merchandising Manager

I maximise conversion rate to impact the profit margin of my e-commerce website. My role is to create valuable online experience.

My Day as…
CRM Manager

I build enriched and smart audiences and activate campaigns across marketing tools.

My Day as…
Acquisition Manager

I design a valuable traffic plan through multi-touch measurement and customer journey understanding.

Easyence enables us to deliver a unique customer experience! Easyence empowers our team and helps take daily data-driven decisions for our business.

Barbara, Customer Experience Director
Leading brand in the household equipment market

Join 240+ businesses that use Easyence platform and apps to deliver memorable customer experience, around the world.

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