The only Customer Infrastructure dedicated to data-driven retailers

Easyence provides Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Apps to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Easyence collects customer events (products, stores, etc.), offers scoring algorithms to serve your business, and provides a complete set of applications designed for your marketing teams.

Leverage current models and team empowerment

Easyence enables data-driven decision making and high productive teams. Easyence design business interfaces with enriched customer data for your marketing team with better recommendations. Easyence accelerates Acquisition, CRM and Media managers, E-merchandising experts, Omnichannel directors in their day to day.

Accelerate your business

Easyence enables personalised and consistent customer experiences at scale. Easyence Dynamic Graph intelligently stitches events between multiple user sessions and devices, compliant with e-privacy and the new cookies-less world. A powerful platform that enables you to create enrich audiences, and to activate audiences across marketing tools.

As a pioneering player in data-driven retail, Easyence launched the first marketing platform reconciling online and in-store customer journeys, Ysance Retail Marketing Platform. After the acquisition and merger with Mazeberry, leader in media and marketing attribution, Easyence presents a new Customer Infrastructure that natively integrates uplift measurement.

The Easyence Lab based in France (Paris and Lille) designs the most innovative solutions for data-driven retailers and pure players around the world.