My day as... Acquisition manager

Acquisition manager

My role is to generate traffic on our e-commerce site by activating different advertising levers. I optimise my budgets to focus on the most profitable ones.

9:00 am

Reallocate budget and priorities based on performances

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Multi-Touch Attribution

Based on my multi-touch attribution report, I measure the impact of all my current campaigns on online and in-store sales.

I detect best and lower performing channels . I contact my partner to figure out reasons for underperformance. My new SEA campaign on Google generates great results, with a significant impact on the store’s turnover.

11:00 am

Setting segments for my campaign

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Segment Builder

Now, I focus on preparation for the new sales campaign coming soon. Media activation will be crucial for success, as we need to register first sales in a short period of time.

My winning strategy is based on building audiences, which takes into consideration the last purchase and last visit information. Easyence algorithms define specific audiences based on visitors with a purchase intent in the same category related to my operation. In order to avoid inappropriate retargeting actions, algorithms exclude 7 past days in-store purchasers and help me manage my marketing overpressure.

3:00 pm

Launching my campaign

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Facebook Connector

My assets for the campaign are ready. Thanks to the Facebook connector of Easyence Audience App, I natively and automatically send my segment to Facebook. I do not have to worry about technical constraints.

Tomorrow, I will check my campaign’s performance within the attribution report.