My day as... crm manager

CRM Manager

My mission is to generate sales via email and SMS. I set up targeted and personalised communications with our customer base.

9:00 am

Selecting products to be displayed

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Consultation Rate and Add to Cart Rate

To start my day, I make my product selection to be featured on tomorrow's newsletter.

Decisions are based on products’ performance. Today I decide to mix products with the highest consultation rate and add-to-cart rate. In a few minutes and without being dependent on any other department within my organisation, I have access to the information requested and define a sharp product selection for my newsletter including any stock constraints.

11:00 am

Segmenting my opt-in base

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Affinity Algorithm

Easyence’s algorithms provide me with a segmentation of the most promising prospects and customers for each product category.

I use these algorithms daily to ease marketing pressure and improve my business performance.

3:00 pm

Targeting visitors with a purchase intent to boost sales

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Intention Algorithm

I focus on customers who visited my website the day before, even if they did not log in.

Easyence’s algorithms calculate intent scores for each visitor for a given product. I work on a systematic follow-up campaign focusing on the relevant product, with a cross-sell recommendation.