My day as... e-merchandising manager

E-merchandising manager

My mission is to maximise the ROI of my online product catalog, by position. I control the conversion rate by customizing the site navigation.

9:00 am

Analysing online business performance

Easyence Platform Screenshot -E-merchandising Strategy

I start the day by outlining the e-merchandising strategy according to both my visitors’ journeys and business challenges: sales campaigns, destocking... I expose the right product to the right customer at the right time on my e-commerce website.

Today is the last day of our private sales, Easyence E-merchandising App provides recommendation of ranking strategies to implement, by computing traits like Top and Flop product purchased.

11:00 am

Customising the website navigation

Easyence Platform Screenshot  - Banner Customisation

With Easyence Audience App, I build smart audiences to create a customised homepage for my website. Based on a combination of customers' events collected online and offline channels including store's interactions and product appeal algorithms, I maximise customer value.

3 scenarios have been considered for my home page: for unknown visitors, the current promotional banner gets displayed. If the visitor is known as an offline shopper, the banner will feature our new online booking offer. Last scenario, a cross-selling offer will be highlighted for online shoppers based on purchasing history.

3:00 pm

Sharing with others

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Category Performance

Since using Easyence, our teams across departments can better work together within a unified vision.

I find out a lot of SEA traffic in an out-of-stock product category. Notification is sent to the Acquisition Manager in order for corrective action to be implemented and to avoid media waste.