My day as... Omnnichannel manager

Omnichannel Manager

My role is to create synergies between online and offline channels. I evaluate the impact on sales and customer experience.

9:00 am

Tracking progress towards objectives

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Online and Offline Conversions

Thanks to Easyence Insight App, I access intelligent dashboards. As soon as I get to the office, I easily know the volume of new online and offline customers.

I measure the share of total store sales from our latest digital campaign, and I calculate the acquisition costs for each channel activated.

11:00 am

Planning my meeting with retail stores

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Sales by store

On average, 35% of our store sales are influenced by our online campaigns! In order to prepare our next commercial period, I prepare a full report for our outlet networks, defining incremental turnover generated at store level and influenced by online actions. I draw up a full assessment.

Easyence measures and analyses the value generated by omnicanality to understand consumers’ journey. My presentation is done in a few clicks and I can focus on my plan and analysis for our business.

3:00 pm

Leveraging the Customer Lifetime Value

Easyence Platform Screenshot - Second Purchase

Our customer-centric approach directly impacts our Customers’ Lifetime Value. Easyence Insight App demonstrates which products can accelerate second purchases.

Based on this valuable business insight, I contact our CRM departement and design a new proactive campaign based on product recommendation 15 days after the first purchase. I measure the impact on my conversion in store or website thanks to Easyence Attribution App.