Easyence Attribution

In-depth analysis of your marketing mix to optimize
your acquisition budget

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They optimize their media performance with Easyence


Media performance



Identify how your conversions are influenced per channel with
Easyence methodology

Analyze the depth of your conversion journeys.

Enrich your web analytics analysis to challenge your acquisition partners on their level of channel engagement.

Identify the presence of each channel in your conversion journeys and adjust your investments accordingly.

Make sure each acquisition channel is fulfilling its role within your marketing mix.

Assign financial performance to each channel.


Customize your attribution according to your conversion goals

Choose between a wide range of attribution models to analyze your mix (position-based, Markov, Shapley, etc.).

With Easyence's location-based model, you can analyze your media mix more objectively and make more informed decisions.

Determine your attribution window, both globally and by channel, and assign weights, roles and priorities to each of your channels and stages of your journeys accordingly.


Measure your ROI on all your channels

Integrate the integrality of your online, offline and Walled Garden touchpoints.

Easily integrate your expense data (Facebook, Criteo, Bing, Awin, Kwanko, etc.) into the interface for cost reporting.

Save precious time in your weekly analysis with reports that automatically feed your BI tools.

Integrate the proportional adjustment of your consent rates with an "e-privacy compliant" solution and analyze objectively the performance of your mix.



Analyze omnichannel attribution

When analyzing the omnichannel journeys of your consumers, you can measure the impact of your online campaigns on in-store sales and vice versa. 

Optimize your CRM and acquisition budgets by tracking and integrating your ROPO effect (Research Online Purchase Offline).

Calculate the omnichannel increment and analyze the conversion impact of each channel.


Make a deep-dive analysis of your marketing mix and gain up to 20% media performance