Easyence Audience

Deliver a personalized omnichannel consumer experience with Easyence's cookieless-ready Customer Data Platform.

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They optimize their consumer experience with Easyence
increase in consumer LTV

Create a seamless omnichannel experience

Collect and unify all your consumer behavioral data with your online and in-store transactions, product repositories and inventory. 

Consolidate online and offline conversion journeys throughout the purchase process, thanks to a unique omnichannel identity for each consumer (Dynamic Graph ID).


Increase your reach and measure the increment per campaign

Double your reach by targeting intentional customers for each product with Stories algorithms. 

Increase productivity with direct and autonomous access to consumer data. Automate audience creation and campaign performance reportings with a built-in increment calculation.

Easily create push lists and optimize CPM budgets for your retargeting campaigns. Extend your reach by targeting unlogged visitors with abandoned carts.

AI for a customized consumer journey

Boost your conversion rates by personalizing your communications with algorithms that define the best products to recommend (Product Affinity), the best channel (Channel Affinity), or the best location (Store Affinity). 
Within a few clicks, maintain personalized communication across all your marketing environments thanks to multiple connectors (Facebook, Google Ads, Criteo, Xandr, etc.).


Implement and optimize your retail media strategy

Build your retail media campaigns with specific audiences. Allocate positions on your website and easily customize your contents for each campaign.

Increase productivity by launching retail media campaigns with minimal time spent working on data. Monitor the impact of each campaign in an automatic reporting, in total autonomy.


Reconcile the entire consumer journey and durably increase their LTV by 40%.