Easyence Retail Media

Increase the media budgets invested by your partner brands

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They optimize their customer journey with Easyence

Budget invested by brands


Consumer LTV

Monetize your shoppers' insights

Share your consumers' behavioral data with your partner brands: 

  • affinity to a brand,
  • a sales channel,
  • a location,
  • a product category or sub-category,
  • conversion rate
  • average basket 
  • ...

Operate and manage campaigns by brand at scale

Create ultra-precise audiences thanks to AI-enhanced information: intentional or affinity consumers for a brand, a product category or sub-category, etc.

Activate your audiences in omnichannel in favor of your partner brands

Measure the impact of your campaigns by brand: market share, customer penetration rate, revenue, sales volume, etc. 


Measure the impact of media on conversions and LTV by brand

Based on an omnichannel attribution analysis, measure the impact of your media campaigns on conversions and LTV by brand. 

Make sure each channel fulfills its role in the conversion journeys (initiator, passer, scorer or autonomous).

Automatically generate attribution and omnichannel contribution reports to share with your brands.


Automatically monetize the positions of your category pages 

Get a clear visibility of your available positions by period.

Access real-time recommandations for each position based on search history, Pareto, price, seaonability, etc.

Plan your ranking in advance and in an intuitive way.


Increase the budget invested by brands by 30% and your consumer LTV by 40%